Statin Coadministration Studies: In the Zetia + statin controlled clinical trials database of 11, 308 individuals regarding an average treatment duration of 8 weeks (array 0 to 112 weeks), 4.0 % of individuals on Zetia + statin and also 3.3 % of people on statin alone ceased due to damaging responses. One of the most common damaging reactions in the team of people treated with Zetia + statin that brought about treatment discontinuation and also occurred at a price higher than statin alone were.

The most frequently reported negative reactions (occurrence ≥ 2 % and higher than statin alone) in the Zetia + statin measured professional test database of 11, 308 individuals were: nasopharyngitis (3.7 %), myalgia (3.2 %), upper respiratory tract infection (2.9 %), arthralgia (2.6 %) and looseness of the bowels (2.5 %).

Due to the fact that clinical studies are conducted under commonly varying conditions, adverse response rates noted in the clinical studies of a medicine can not be directly as compared to prices in the professional researches of another drug as well as might not show the prices observed in clinical technique.

In 10 double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific trials, 2396 clients with primary hyperlipidemia (age range 9-- 86 years, 50 % females, 90 % Caucasians, 5 % Blacks, 3 % Hispanics, 2 % Asians) as well as raised LDL-C were treated with Zetia 10 mg/day for a mean therapy duration of 12 weeks (range 0 to 39 weeks).

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